Tasmanian Professional Development Exchange Team visits Helena

PDE Team members Sarah, Zac, Ross, Simone and Allira
Our Club had the pleasure of hosting the Tasmanian Professional Development Exchange Team this week. Team members include Ross (the Rotarian Team Leader), Allira (a police office), Sarah (a pharmacist), Simone (an outfitter/fishing guide), and Zac (a paramedic). They are truly a delightful group of young professionals. They provided us with an overview of themselves and Tasmania at our meeting. Sarah is a Rotaractor. Other team members indicated that the experience has taught them the value of Rotary, and look forward to becoming a Rotarian in the future.
Ross and Club President Brad exchanged Rotary Club Banners. Ross then presented Brad with a Tasmanian pin depicting a kangaroo.

Team Leader Ross providing an overview of the PDE Team

Club President Brad and Team Leader Ross exchange Rotary Club Banners

Ross "pins" Brad with the Tasmanian pin

The Club Banner for Ross' home club, the Rotary Club of Sandy Bay