Join Us Thursday Night to Support Helena Industries at Trivia Night!

Our speakers this morning were from Helena Industries, our charitable organization partner for Trivia Night on October 20th.  The speakers were Russ Cargo, President and CEO; Katie Gallagher, Marketing Director, and Toni Broadbent, Director of Development. Helena Industries is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities. They reach their objective by providing training, work opportunities, and case management services tailored to the individual’s interest and abilities.
Helena Industries provides employment through a variety of businesses that include: textile products, wood products, janitorial services, document destruction, electronic recycling, mailing services, and a retail thrift store. More details about these services are available on their website:
Helena Industries provides programs which help disabled individuals train for and find jobs in their local community. These community and facility- based services include:
Community Placement
Supported Employment
Job Preparation
They are excited about one of their new product lines from their Benchmark Industries. They are now producing products for Punkin Futz, a company dedicated to providing products specifically designed for children with disabilities. Katie brought a Punkin Pie, a small bag specifically designed to attach to a wheel chair. Helena Industries is featured on their web site as their manufacturer who employs individuals with disabilities.