Club Honors Past President Brad Lancaster with a Paul Harris Fellow

Rotary Club of Helena Sunrise honored Past President Brad Lancaster for his year of service by presenting Brad with a Paul Harris Fellow. During his year as Club President, Brad truly reenergized the Club. Through his leadership, the Club received a Governor’s Citation as Best Small Club Growth Award at the District Conference this year. Brad made membership his number one priority. He started each meeting with “membership, membership, membership.” He asked members for prospective members. He took identified candidates for membership to lunch and told them about Rotary. During his year, the Club changed is membership from a gradual decline to a sharp increase. The Club went from 13 members at the start of the year to 21 members at the end of the year. And just as important, the diversity of the Club’s members shifted dramatically. From a club made up primarily of “old, retired guys,” the club went from 15% female to 30% female members. The club went from 46% of its members being retired to only 28% retired. Many of the new members are young members.
Brad also encouraged members to contribute to The Rotary Foundation during his year as President. In fact, he made an online contribution as a Paul Harris Sustaining Member during one of our meetings, demonstrating to the Club members the way to make a contribution through the Rotary web site. A contribution to The Rotary Foundation is an investment in the ideal of good will, peace and understanding.  That is an ideal held high by Rotarians the world over, and one that Brad clearly shares.